Wednesday, October 1, 2014

At Crimson Lights, Mariah stared at an extremely good-looking, well-dressed gentleman who was enjoying a cup of coffee. Kevin walked in from the patio and asked Mariah what she was looking at. She told Kevin that she was looking at the gentleman who was "kind of gorgeous." Mariah noticed that Kevin was still in pretty bad shape from the previous night's party.

On the patio, the handsome man made a phone call and told someone that he was at the location and if they could just get rid of the businesses, it would be a perfect site for their project. Before the handsome man hung up, he told the person to whom he was speaking that he had a personal matter to take care of.

Kevin asked Mariah when she wanted him to pick her up so they could ride to Nick and Sharon's wedding together. Mariah explained that as a bridesmaid, she had to arrive at the church early. Kevin said that he could still give her a ride and hang out at the church so that Mariah wouldn't be unaccompanied. Mariah told him that she didn't want him to get the wrong idea about her asking him to be her date for the wedding. She emphasized that it was not a "date" date.

Kevin asked Mariah to explain what the "not-date" date was supposed to be. She said that she just wanted a friend to accompany her to the wedding, since she assumed she was not going to enjoy the ceremony. The handsome man walked in from the patio and Mariah stared after him again. Kevin wondered why Mariah didn't just take the man to the wedding, but she insisted that she would never do anything like that to Kevin.

Mariah admitted to having done some awful things but she was trying to turn over a new leaf for the most part. She told Kevin that she planned to honor her commitments so that people didn't treat her like "slime." Kevin said he knew that Mariah really liked him. They began joking around, with Mariah telling Kevin that she had asked him to the wedding because he probably owned a suit.

In the Athletic Club dining room, a bruised Michael was hung over from his overindulgence at Nick's bachelor party. Lauren joined him and he suggested that they get a suite at the club so that they could spend the entire day in bed. Lauren reminded him that he had a physical exam scheduled later that day. Michael smiled and told Lauren how much he liked their "empty-nester" lifestyle just as Fen walked in and overheard his father's remark. Fen jokingly said, "Thanks a lot." Michael and Lauren were thrilled to see their son.

Lauren wondered how Fen was able to take time off from school. Michael asked Fen if he were in trouble. Fen told his parents that he had not flunked out of school and he was not using drugs. He explained that there was a statewide conference at his school and classes had been cancelled. Fen said that he had been wondering whether or not he should be worried about Michael Fen pulled out his tablet and showed his parents a full-page gossip spread headlined, "Bachelor Bash Busted," complete with a picture of a drunk and bruised Michael. Michael grimaced and told Fen to put the tablet away.

Lauren was about to explain about the party when Kevin showed up to greet his nephew. Fen asked Kevin how he had been doing since his separation from Chloe. Kevin insisted that he had moved on. The Baldwins couldn't believe that it took a visit from Fen to get Kevin to admit that. Michael had to leave for his appointment and Fen left as well, telling his parents that there was someone he had to see.

After Michael and Fen were gone, Kevin began speaking to Lauren but realized that she was staring at the same handsome man who had been at Crimson Lights. Kevin exclaimed, "He's not that good-looking!" He told Lauren that she was the second woman that day who had swooned over the handsome man. Lauren said that the man was very "swoon-worthy."

Lauren said that in spite of Kevin's claim that he was in a "good place," she still worried about him. He insisted that he was so busy that he didn't have time to think about anything including Chloe. Lauren wondered why Kevin was still wearing his wedding band. He said that it was just a ring not a symbol. When Lauren asked him to take it off, he refused, but Lauren admitted that Kevin seemed happier than he had been in a long time.

At the entrance to the club, Kevin silently debated whether or not to remove his wedding band. He finally took it off and left the club.

At Genoa City Memorial Hospital, Michael kept his appointment with Dr. Botnik. The doctor said that he wouldn't write Michael another prescription for his erectile dysfunction medication without first giving him a full physical examination.

At Nick and Sharon's, Nick looked at his tablet and saw the "Bachelor Bash Busted" story, which included pictures of many of the previous night's partygoers locked up in jail. Sharon handed Nick some black coffee and aspirin and they shared a good laugh about the party. Summer, Austin, and Noah arrived bearing gifts for Faith's birthday party.

Faith joined the crowd in the living room, jumped on Nick's lap and said that this was going to be her happiest birthday ever.

Later, Faith gave Austin the third degree about what he liked he admitted to liking puppies and playing games, but was at a loss for words when Faith asked him if he liked dolls. Summer saved the day by telling Faith that Austin loved dolls.

Noah suggested that Faith begin opening her presents but she wanted to wait until Mariah arrived. Summer was surprised to hear that Mariah would be joining the party. Sharon said that she had mentioned the party to Mariah but didn't know if she would attend and it was getting late. Noah remarked that one thing Mariah was good at was hurting people.

Sharon told Faith that it was sweet of her to wait for Mariah, but added that Mariah might not show up. Faith seemed disappointed but Nick and Noah cheered her up by suggesting that she start opening her birthday presents. As Noah led her around the room, Austin picked up the piece of paper that Phyllis had written Nick's name on and handed it to Summer.

Sharon took a look at the piece of paper and told Nick that it had his name written on it but nothing else. The paper was put aside as Faith shrieked about the bicycle that Nikki had gotten the little girl for her birthday. Nick took Faith outside so she could try her bicycle. Austin said that it must have been cool to grow up and receive "Newman-sized" gifts every birthday. Noah said that initially it was, but as they grew up there were always strings attached particularly if the gift was from Victor.

After her bike ride, Faith returned to open more presents. Noah told Summer that it was good that Faith hadn't waited for Mariah to show up. Mariah quietly entered the house. When Faith saw Mariah, she screamed with happiness. Mariah told Faith that she would never have missed Faith's party in fact, she had brought a cupcake for Faith

Sharon told Mariah how happy she was that Mariah made it to the party. Mariah joked that she wouldn't miss the chance to hang out with her favorite cellmates. Faith innocently said, "What's a cellmate?" The group tried to avoid the question and diverted Faith's attention to the still-wrapped presents. Noah told Mariah that she should never have mentioned the word "cellmate" in front of Faith.

Summer told Noah not to get on Mariah's case. Noah was surprised that Summer was defending Mariah. Summer said that Mariah had done a good deed for Sharon the previous night, which showed that Mariah might be capable of caring for other people. Mariah did not take the back-handed compliment well and left the room.

Later, Mariah and Austin went to work at the Underground. Summer tagged along and gave Austin a present. He told his wife that she didn't have to give him anything that she had just bought him a $300 tie. Mariah heard that and said that it was a waste for Summer to have paid that much for "a piece of fabric." Austin told Mariah to calm down, reminding her that he hadn't married Summer for her money. Before walking off, Mariah said that she didn't understand how Austin could be with someone who didn't understand what he really cared about.

Summer was upset about Mariah's remarks, but Austin calmed her down. Summer told Austin that the present she had for him was a children's book about living out one's dreams. Austin told Summer that he loved it and kissed her as a seemingly jealous Mariah looked on.

Mariah approached Summer and Austin and taunted Summer about the book. Summer wondered what had happened to Mariah, particularly since the women had worked together peacefully on Sharon's party. Mariah said that nothing had happened but that Summer should never claim to know Mariah. Mariah turned to Austin and ominously warned him, "Just like you don't know that much about her." Fen showed up and an obviously thrilled Summer hugged him, while a seething Austin looked on.

Besides Nick and Sharon, Noah was the only guest remaining at Faith's birthday party. Noah suggested that he and Faith take her presents up to her room. Faith said that the best present was going to be "mommy and daddy's wedding." Nick promised that would be happening the following day. After Noah and Faith went upstairs, Nick and Sharon practiced their dance moves and noticed the paper with Nick's name written on it. Sharon wondered who would write Nick's name on a piece of paper without a message. Nick examined the handwriting and said that it looked familiar.

Sharon said that it looked like a woman's handwriting but that whoever wrote it didn't think it was important enough to finish it. She took the paper from Nick, crumpled it up, and put it in the fireplace.

In Stockholm, Victor was at the DNA Diagnostics Center with Dr. Jorgensen. Victor pressed Dr. Jorgensen to expedite testing Nick's and Faith's DNA samples so Victor could learn whether or not Nick was truly Faith's father.

Jorgensen said that the only thing he could tell Victor was that the two samples were the same blood type which did not prove paternity. The doctor said that if Victor wanted to test the samples for "ultimate accuracy," that would take another day or two. Victor said that he would wait he needed definitive answers. Dr. Jorgensen said that he would get the answers to Victor the instant the results became available. After the doctor left, Victor phoned Dr. Cutler and asked him how Phyllis was doing. Victor was stunned when Cutler told him that Phyllis had left the clinic.

In his office at the police station, Paul heard some commotion. He left his office and saw Harding escorting a handcuffed Dylan, with Avery not far behind. Avery told Paul that Dylan's arrest was ridiculous and that Paul had to let Dylan go. Harding chimed in, saying that, depending on how Dylan's questioning went, Dylan might not be able to make bail. Avery reminded Paul that Dylan was his son but Paul responded that Dylan was also a prisoner "with cause."

Paul told Avery not to underestimate the police department's case against Dylan and suggested that she prepare herself for Dylan's arraignment Chris was charging Dylan with first-degree murder. Avery and Dylan were stunned. Paul said that they could no longer ignore the evidence. Avery wondered what evidence the police had. Dylan reminded the group that they hadn't even found Ian's body. Avery said that the police didn't even know if Ian was dead.

Harding announced that he was going to question Dylan and Avery insisted that she sit in on the interrogation. Dylan pleaded with Paul, telling his father that he didn't do anything wrong. Harding said that, according to the evidence, Dylan had done plenty. Harding escorted Dylan into the interrogation room.

In the interrogation room, Harding asked Dylan how Ian's blood had ended up in the Newmans' driveway. Dylan said that he didn't know. Harding moved on, asking Dylan how he had injured his hand. Avery told Harding that Dylan had already given a statement about that. Harding obviously didn't believe Dylan's story about putting his hand through a window. Avery stopped the questioning, saying that Harding was not taking the interrogation seriously.

Harding then asked Dylan to explain what he had been doing around Ian's car and near the dumpster where Ian's wallet had been found. Avery said that the person who had allegedly seen Dylan, Jeffrey Bardwell, was unreliable. She told Harding that Bardwell had spent that day at the track, where he undoubtedly had several drinks. She added that Bardwell had a criminal record and that a jury would be unlikely to believe him.

An officer opened the door and handed Harding a folder. Avery was about to end the interview when Harding asked Dylan to explain why the mud on Dylan's boots matched the mud in the quarry where Ian's jacket had been found.

Avery asked for Paul to join the interrogation. When Paul entered the interrogation room, Avery insisted that she was entitled to the forensics report about the mud and anything else that Paul might have been hiding. Paul replied that he wasn't hiding anything. Avery wondered where the search warrant to confiscate and test Dylan's shoes was. Paul showed the warrant to Avery. She said that she should have been present for the search, as the police might have falsified evidence. Dylan said that Paul wouldn't do something like that.

After Paul left , Harding told Avery and Dylan that initially Paul hadn't even told Christine, the district attorney, about the muddy boots. Harding said that Paul had put his reputation on the line for Dylan and that it was "killing" Paul to arrest his own son. Harding felt that the media would challenge Paul's integrity. He pressed Dylan to confess, saying that any good son would do that.

Avery told Dylan that Harding was trying to manipulate him. Dylan began speaking to Harding about Paul and how Dylan's actions had affected him. Unbeknownst to Dylan, Paul was listening at the door. Dylan told Harding that he didn't want to do anything to hurt Paul. Harding urged Dylan to plead guilty. Avery said that Dylan was innocent and the case would never even make it to trial. Harding said that Avery couldn't make evidence disappear. Dylan said that Harding was right but so was Avery. He proclaimed his innocence as Paul continued to listen.

After the interrogation, Harding joined Paul in his office and told the chief that he hadn't managed to get Dylan to confess. Paul said that the press was beginning to hear rumors about Dylan's arrest and that Paul needed to make a statement.

In the interrogation room, Avery told Dylan she was scared that things could go badly for him. Dylan tried to reassure her that everything was going to be all right especially since he and Avery were working together. Avery said that she wouldn't have it any other way.

After Avery left, Harding escorted Dylan to a holding cell. Paul watched through the bars as his son was locked up.

Back at home, Avery answered a knock at the door it was the handsome man from Crimson Lights and the Athletic Club. Avery said, "Joe!" Joe replied, "You look more beautiful now than on the day I married you."

. . .

On the next The Young and the Restless...
  • At a press conference, Paul tells the reporters that Dylan was arrested that morning without incident.
  • Dylan senses that something is going on with Avery. He wonders what it is.
  • Dr. Botnik calls the lab and tells them to rush Michael's blood tests -- the doctor doesn't like some of the levels he is seeing on preliminary reports.
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