Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sharon thought that her hallucinations had begun again when she saw the Cassie look alike standing in her living room. Nick was by Sharon's side and explained immediately that the woman Sharon saw was real and had been impersonating Sharon's dead daughter, Cassie, as Victor entered the home. Nick accused Victor of deliberately gas lighting Sharon as Adam had done to Ashley. Nick was irate that Victor had been so cruel as to use an imposter to make Sharon think that she was crazy and seek ECT.

Victor defended himself on the basis that he had done it to protect his family because he loved them, but Nick said that Victor had seen how happy Nick had been with Sharon. Nick said that Victor had not acted out of love, but out of a desire to control. Victor shot back that Sharon was hiding a secret that would cause Nick to turn his back on Sharon and proved Victor correct. Sharon, vehemently and convincingly, denied any knowledge of a secret.

Nick was exasperated with Victor and told him that Nick no longer wanted anything to do with Victor. Victor did not accept that, but left at Nick's insistence. The Cassie imposter apologized with tears in her eyes and said that she had never meant to hurt Sharon and had tried to stop. Nick wanted to throw her in jail, but Sharon said that she could never do that to a young woman who looked just like her daughter.

After Cassie left, Sharon thanked Nick for understanding why she could not press charges, even though she knew that she should. Nick and Sharon discussed Victor's actions and how they would cause ripples and disapproval among the rest of the family. Nick said that it would be "Hell on earth," for Victor.

Victor went home and recalled the time that he and Nick had visited the house that Victor had been having built for Sharon and Nick, just before it had been finished. He recalled how young they had been and how happy Nick had been with Victor and his gift. He recalled how enthusiastic Nick had been and how much Nick had said he loved Victor. Victor recalled his own reply about the importance of family.

The Cassie imposter went back to her room and packed her bag. She gathered her things to leave, but changed her mind as she opened the door. Instead of leaving, she decided to stay in town. She sat down on the bed and phoned a friend for help.

Courtney and Noah went to Crimson Lights to discuss the party and have coffee. Courtney was worried that Nikki did not approve of her because Summer had spilled the beans about Courtney's job as a police officer. Noah said it was more likely that Nikki worried about the daily danger that Courtney faced than that Courtney was working class. Noah said that his grandparents were not snobs. He said that they had both been poor as children.

Noah added that he had been glad to see that Victor had not been mean to Sharon. Courtney was ready to go home, but Noah said that their apartment was being painted so he had booked a suite at the Athletic Club.

At the Athletic Club, Paul, Christine, Lauren and Michael shared laughs and ordered dinner. Avery interrupted to ask Michael to review a case. Christine asked if Avery was avoiding asking her partner, because Leslie had gotten Ian off the hook. Avery did not admit it, but it was apparent that that was the reason. Paul noted that Ian had made powerful enemies, and "nothing good" would be the result.

When Avery said her good-byes, Paul excused himself and followed her out. Paul said that he was sorry that Ian Ward was back on the street. They talked about Dylan. Paul was concerned because someone had trashed Ian's hotel room and Ian had filed a complaint. Avery assured Paul that it was not Dylan. He urged her to watch out for Dylan and she said that she would.

As Noah and Courtney entered the club, she spotted Paul and hurried upstairs so that she did not have to talk to her boss. Courtney was impressed by the suite, which she said was the nicest one she had ever been in. Noah and Courtney kissed and then made love.

Christine chatted with Lauren and Michael and tried to find out if something was ailing Lauren. Christine finally mentioned that she knew that Lauren was pregnant when Paul returned to the table. He suggested a toast. When Lauren raised a glass of wine, Christine asked if Lauren should be drinking. Michael told her that Lauren was not pregnant. Lauren added that it was a false pregnancy and she had never been pregnant at all. The Baldwins explained that they had mixed emotions.

On the one hand Michael and Lauren had enjoyed the experience of raising a child, and had been looking forward to expanding their family, but on the other they had just completed the task with Fen and were looking forward to some time alone. Paul admitted that he wished that he had been able to share more of his children's lives and that they lived closer to Genoa City.

After dinner was over and the Baldwins had left, Christine questioned whether or not she had made the correct decision not to have children. Paul assured Christine that her decision did not affect his love for her.

Dylan was slicing lemons at Crimson Lights when Ian Ward strolled in and asked for iced tea. Dylan said he had made it clear the Ian was not welcome. Ian said that Dylan would change his tune when he found out why Ian was there. Dylan said he did not care. Ian said that he had made Dylan his beneficiary. Dylan was incredulous that Ian could think that Dylan would take anything from him.

Ian started his psychobabble about second chances and referenced incidents from Dylan's life. Ian said that he had done research on Dylan after learning that Dylan was Ian's son. Ian said that second chances were about forgiveness. Dylan said that Ian was crazy if he thought that Dylan would forgive Ian for what he had done to Summer and Nikki. Ian said that he was not the one who had deck a man in a bar or kidnapped a child. He pointed out that Avery had forgiven Dylan.

Ian said that if anything were to happen to him, Dylan, as Ian's beneficiary, would automatically be at the top of the suspect list. Dylan clutched the knife he had been using and asked if Ian was deliberately trying to tick him off. Avery arrived just in time to see and overhear. She deflected Ian, who complimented Avery on her cooking show and then removed himself to an alcove and made a phone call. Dylan and Avery discussed her first cooking show, which seemed to be very popular on the web.

Avery thought it was a fluke, but Dylan had more faith. They reviewed several emails, but one stood out as unusual and Avery recognized that she had received another cryptic email from the same user previously. Avery took a call and was ecstatic when she told Dylan that her cooking show had been picked up. They hugged. Ian lurked and watched from the alcove. After Avery rushed out, Ian flashed a smarmy smile at Dylan.

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