Wednesday, July 30, 2014

On the Athletic Club's rooftop patio, a concerned Lily has just finished speaking with her father. Cane joined her and asked her what was wrong. She told him that Neil hadn't heard from Devon or Hilary. Cane said that there had to be a simple reason for their absence.

Abby joined Cane and Lily. Lily told her that they were worried about Devon. Abby said that she was still upset about her run-in with Tyler and Destiny earlier that day. Cane received a phone call and left the women alone. Trying to cheer Abby up, Lily pointed out a "hottie" who had eyed Abby. When the young man started walking towards them, Lily urged Abby to strike up a conversation with him.

Abby followed Lily's instructions and struck up a conversation with the man. Cane rejoined his wife and she excitedly told Cane that she had played matchmaker for Abby. Cane looked over at Abby and the man Abby couldn't have looked less interested in him. Cane teased Lily about her lack of matchmaking skills. Lily said that all was not lost she knew a perfect guy for Abby Devon.

Hilary and Devon walked into Hilary and Neil's apartment smiling and laughing. Definitely not smiling and laughing was Neil who was there with a police officer. Immensely relieved, Neil asked them where they had been. Ignoring his question, Hilary wondered why Neil hadn't gone on his business trip to Hong Kong. Neil told her that the trip had been cancelled. Devon was surprised that Neil had called the police.

Devon explained that his car had died and they couldn't get cell phone reception where the vehicle broke down. Hilary assured Neil that the experience was not fun. Neil told the officer that he could leave. Hilary apologized profusely to her husband for worrying him. Neil told her that it wasn't his fault.

Neil teased his son about his million-dollar car being a lemon. As he had previously, Neil thanked Devon for saving the day and making sure that Hilary arrived home safely. Neil then told Hilary that he didn't know what he would do if he lost her. The Winters hugged, but Hilary stared into Devon's eyes as Neil held her.

After Devon left, Neil asked Hilary what she and Devon had done to pass the time. Hilary remembered how much she had enjoyed slow dancing with Devon at the side of the road, but told Neil that she and Devon had talked and taken in the night sky. Neil said that didn't sound bad. Hilary replied that it hadn't been bad at all.

Neil told Hilary that since his Hong Kong trip had been cancelled, he didn't have to go to the office. He thought that they should spend the rest of the day at home. Hilary coyly said, "Doing what?" Neil took her in his arms and kissed her passionately. When they separated a bit, Hilary looked at Neil's face which, in her mind, morphed into Devon's face. Neil became even more passionate but Hilary pushed him away, said that she couldn't continue, and left the room.

When Hilary returned, Neil asked her if everything was okay. She said that she felt much better since she had showered and told Neil that she had to get to the office. Neil thought that she could wait another hour and began to kiss her. The phone rang and Hilary said that was a sign for them to get to work. Hilary left and Neil answered the phone, saying, "I hope this is good news. Yeah, that's great news. I can't wait to surprise my wife. She is going to be the happiest woman in the world."

Lily was relieved when Neil called to tell her that Devon had returned. Abby joined Lily and told her that the things were definitely not working with the "hottie." Lily said that she had the perfect guy for her he was smart, good looking, and had a lot of money to spend. Abby realized that Lily was talking about Devon.

Victor stood in the doorway of Summer and Austin's apartment. Summer invited him in and Victor handed her a wrapped gift belatedly, he said, since he hadn't had the pleasure of seeing her walk down the aisle. Somewhat embarrassed, Summer told him that she hadn't wanted any drama at her wedding. Victor noticed Austin, and bluntly said, "Well, hello. You must be the young man who shot Paul Williams." Summer tried to stop Victor from going any further, but Austin said that he didn't mind obviously Victor was a man who told it like it was. Austin said that what he had done was wrong and he was ready to accept the consequences. Victor told Austin that he respected him for taking responsibility for his actions.

Summer was thrilled that Victor had complimented Austin. Austin said that he looked forward to spending time with Victor but Austin needed to leave to go to work. Austin kissed Summer and left. After he was gone, Summer told Victor that Nick had hired Austin to work at the Underground. Summer said that Nick had originally disliked Austin, prompting Victor to ask what had changed Nick's mind. Summer surmised that Nick had seen that Summer was never going to leave Austin, so he just "jumped on board," as did Jack, who had rented Austin and Summer their luxury apartment.

Victor presented Summer with the gift a beautiful pearl necklace identical to the one that Nikki wore when she had married Victor. Summer was touched that Victor still considered her to be a part of the Newman family. Victor assured Summer that he always would. Summer explained that she and Austin clicked when they talked about losing their mothers.

Summer told Victor about her recent trip to visit Phyllis her mother was still unresponsive. Summer wondered how long Phyllis could survive in the coma. Victor wondered whether Daniel had been supportive of Phyllis. Summer said that her brother had been great he saw Phyllis whenever he could and made the decisions regarding her care. Victor surmised that Daniel had power of attorney regarding Phyllis' healthcare. When Victor left, Summer thanked him for being on her side he said that he always would be.

At the Underground, Nick asked Sharon what she had remembered. She had a memory flash she remembered walking into Genoa City Memorial's Diagnostic Laboratory. Sharon told Nick and Mariah that she couldn't make sense of things all she had seen were bits and pieces. Nick thought that Sharon and Dr. Mead could figure it out. Sharon insisted that they couldn't. She needed to investigate in a different way and Mariah could help. Mariah appeared confused.

Sharon said that she wasn't clear about the events that occurred during the time that Mariah was pretending to be Cassie. Nick told Mariah that she needed to tend to the customers. After Mariah walked away, Sharon told Nick that he had deliberately sent Mariah off so that she couldn't talk about Sharon's memories.

Nick told Sharon that she needed to speak with a qualified counselor. Sharon wondered why she was feeling worse. Nick told her that he felt she was recovering she was remembering things all the time. She begged Nick to let her speak to Mariah, but Nick reminded her that Mariah had been influenced by Victor's agenda when she was on Victor's payroll. Nick wondered if Mariah still had an agenda.

Sharon wondered if Nick really trusted Mariah or if he was just helping her for Sharon's sake. He said that he didn't completely buy the idea that Mariah had turned over a new leaf. Nick reminded Sharon that they still didn't know a lot about Mariah particularly about her connection to Ian Ward. An upset Sharon said that she no longer had anyone to turn to. Out of the blue, she told Nick that she wanted to go to Georgia to visit Phyllis Phyllis might be able to help her sort things out.

Nick thought that Sharon visiting Phyllis was an awful lot of trouble for the slight chance that she might learn something. Sharon agreed with Nick and told him that was why it was so important that she speak with Mariah. Sharon received a phone call from Jack that she had to take.

While Sharon was on the phone, Nick spoke with Mariah, telling her that Sharon had been making great progress, but he feared that someone might sabotage that. Mariah correctly assumed that Nick was referring to her and she became upset. He said that Sharon was trying to make sense of the memories she had from the time when Mariah had been "conning" her and that might be more than Sharon could handle.

Nick explained that if Sharon kept stressing out about her missing memories, she might end up back in the psychiatric hospital. He didn't want to go through that again for his family's sake and urged Mariah not to speak with Sharon about the memories. Sharon returned from her phone call and wondered what they were talking about. Mariah covered, saying they were discussing whether or not Austin would make it as a bartender. Nick sent Mariah off to continue teaching Austin.

Sharon informed Nick that Jack had rescheduled a photo shoot and he needed her to go to Chicago with the models. She had to leave later that day. Overhearing, Mariah grinned widely and stared at Nick.

While Nick and Sharon talked, Mariah began training Austin. She warned him against flirting with the customers. Austin coldly reminded Mariah that he was a married man. She wondered why Austin seemed to have developed an attitude, telling him that he was so "cool" when he had stopped by to fill out the job application.

A light bulb went off over Mariah's head she realized that Summer had probably badmouthed her to Austin. Austin admitted that he and Summer had discussed Mariah, who said that Summer hated her. Austin asked Mariah why that surprised her after all the things that Mariah had done to Summer's family. Exasperated, Mariah reminded Austin that, from the start, she had told him that she wasn't a saint. And, she continued, "Neither are you unless kidnapping and attempted murder aren't considered crimes any more."

Summer showed up at the Underground to give Austin moral support. She was happy to see Sharon there. Sharon told her that Nick had been very patient with Austin. Summer thought that Nick having hired Austin was weird. Sharon reminded her how weird it was for Nick to see his "Supergirl" married adding that Nick would always think of Summer as his daughter. Sharon said that it had been a very difficult year but everyone had gotten through it. Summer said everyone but Phyllis she didn't know what had occurred in the stairwell but she wished it had never happened. Summer went to say hello to Austin.

Nick sneaked up behind Sharon and told her that he could go back to the cottage and help her pack reminding her that since Mariah was working, they would have the place to themselves.

Mariah taught Austin how to mix drinks while Summer, sitting at the bar, watched. Austin made a mistake but Summer told him he was doing great. Mariah coldly told Summer that Austin didn't have time for a pep rally. Mariah sent Austin off to bus a table, then asked Summer if she was trying to get the bar shut down. Summer didn't understand until Mariah took the drink sitting in front of Summer and spilled it out, then reminded Summer that she was underage.

Summer said that she hadn't been drinking the beverage. Mariah rudely told Summer to move, because the chair she was occupying was for paying customers. Summer replied, "Paying customers and the owner's daughter." Mariah said that she thought Summer was Jack's daughter and that Nick had pretended to be Summer's father. Summer said that the only person pretending to be someone they weren't was Mariah and that Austin wouldn't be fooled by her. She warned Mariah to not even try to become Austin's friend. Mariah said that if Summer was concerned that she was going to move in on Austin that Summer could relax Mariah had her eye on someone else.

Austin told Summer that having her around was a bit distracting. Summer said she thought Austin would be great at the job. Mariah piped up and said that she did too, since Austin had an excellent teacher. Austin and Summer kissed and Summer left without saying a word to Mariah. Austin apologized for Summer's rudeness. Mariah said that she understood why Summer disliked her but she wished that she would give Mariah a chance. Austin doubted that would happen. He apologized for having been judgmental about Mariah earlier. He realized that if it hadn't been for her, he never would have filled out the job application.

In the Athletic Club dining room, Victor looked at his computer and read the Savannah, Georgia art blog which featured an article about Daniel Romalotti and the success he had been having as an artist. He was on the phone with someone, saying, "That's right. A grant for a promising young artist so he can show off his talents. Anywhere in the world preferably off the beaten path. Way off the beaten path."

Abby joined Victor as he finished his conversation. She thought that he was talking to someone about forcing Tyler to leave town. Victor wondered why Abby thought that he would run Tyler out of town. Abby said it was because he knew that it would make her life easier if she didn't have to see Tyler all the time. Victor replied, "Well, wouldn't it?" Abby told her father that she was not going to allow Tyler to gain the upper hand she was simply going to ignore him and she expected Victor to do the same.

Cane and Devon ran into each other in the Athletic Club lobby. Cane lectured Devon about Hilary. Devon assured him that nothing had happened other than his car breaking down. Cane didn't believe Devon, who said that he had no reason to lie to Cane. Cane said that even if Hilary and Devon hadn't "crossed the line" yet, they would eventually.

Cane continued to harangue Devon. Devon became angry and told Cane that he hadn't planned to have his car break down. He pointedly told Cane that none of this situation was Cane's problem. Cane said that it was his problem, because he was lying to Lily in order to protect Devon. Lily overheard the end of the conversation from the stairway and said, "Unbelievable."

Lily mistakenly thought that Cane had been warning Devon about the date she was trying to arrange for Devon and Abby. Devon noticed Cane bringing a drink over to Abby. He took the drink from Cane and served it to Abby. Abby thank Devon and he joined her. They joked that they were both so rich that they didn't have to worry about being after each other's money. Devon told Abby that he would like to go on a date with her. Abby thought that would be fun and she and Devon laughed when they spied Cane and Lily watching them. Cane told Lily that she had been right she knew exactly what Devon needed.

At Sharon's cottage, she and Nick were sinfully eating ice cream right out of the container. Sharon began talking about Phyllis. Nick wondered why. She told him that she had spoken with Summer earlier and they had talked about how much everything had changed over the past year except for Phyllis' condition. Nick remembered that Phyllis had been so full of life. He added that some things change he thought that Summer would never have forgiven him for lying about her paternity. He felt blessed that he had a second chance with Summer as well as with Sharon. They began to kiss as Nick picked up Sharon and carried her up the stairs.

In Phyllis' room, a nurse looked at her comatose patient and urged Phyllis to wake up that there were so many people hoping for that. She told Phyllis that she would return the next day and perhaps there would be positive news. After the nurse left, Phyllis began moving her fingers.

. . .

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