Tuesday, July 22, 2014

At the Athletic Club, Victor noted that Nikki had barely touched her meal, and she claimed that she was distracted because he was about to leave town. He suspected that she was worried about Ian's lawsuit, and she admitted that it bothered her that her personal journal could become public record. Victor suggested that he use other tactics to make the lawsuit go away, but Nikki believed that the journal was the only thing that could prove she hadn't intentionally misled Ian. Nikki couldn't help but wonder how different things would have been if she'd stayed in Dylan's life, but Victor reiterated that she'd made the only choice she could have at the time, and they couldn't look back.

Nikki said that she cherished the years she'd had with Victor and their family, but she wished that she could go back and make the correct assumptions about her pregnancy, so Ian wouldn't be a part of their lives. Victor suggested that she have Michael get the journal back, and Victor would take care of things himself, but she urged him to let the law handle it. Nikki assured Victor that he'd convinced her that she had no reason to worry, and she wished him a safe trip. He said that he'd be gone overnight, but he'd be back for the hearing, and he departed.

Nikki flashed back to confronting Ian about what he'd done to her and to telling Dylan that he was her son. As she recalled telling Paul that he was Dylan's father, she anxiously eyed the bottles of vodka behind the bar.

Stitch arrived at Victoria's house to welcome her home, and she reported that Reed had been over the moon to go to summer camp. Victoria recalled that she'd become misty-eyed after Reed's bus had pulled away, since it felt like she'd just been swaddling him in a blanket, and Stitch pointed out that it wouldn't be long before she had another baby at home. She fretted that she had a lot to do to prepare, and Stitch declared that he was happy to help. She suddenly turned away, and he asked what was wrong. She informed him that she'd made an appointment to take a paternity test, and the next day, they'd know whose baby she was carrying.

Stitch pledged to be there for Victoria if she wanted him to be, regardless of the paternity test results. She said that she'd signed the divorce papers, and she was sure that she and Billy wouldn't get back together, even if Billy was the father. Victoria wanted to stop looking backward and to start moving forward, and she considered removing memories of Billy from the house, but Stitch contended that Johnny needed reminders of his father around. Stitch regretted that he was missing out on most of his son's life, and he swore that he wouldn't miss out on one minute of another child's.

Stitch worried that Max would forget about the things they'd done together, and Victoria swore that if her baby was Stitch's, she wouldn't prevent him from being part of his child's life. Stitch said that there was no guarantee she'd feel that way in the future, but she vowed not to change her mind, since he was a good man, and she had no doubt he'd be a good father. She remembered that he'd sent her a text message about some exciting news, and he relayed that Dr. Shelby wanted to make him chief resident. Victoria wanted to celebrate, but Nikki suddenly stumbled through the door and nearly fell. Stitch and Victoria rushed over to help her.

Nikki blamed her condition on the stress of the lawsuit, and Stitch advised her to stay calm and to call Dr. Costner if she had other symptoms. After Stitch left, Nikki apologized for intruding, and Victoria worriedly asked if something had happened with Dylan or Paul. Nikki insisted that they were fine, but life was just overwhelming, and she'd experienced a few MS flareups. Nikki surmised that Victoria and Stitch had been getting closer, and she asked if Victoria intended to go ahead with the divorce. Victoria lamented that she couldn't trust Billy, but she believed that she could absolutely trust Stitch. Nikki thought it was jarring for Billy to see Victoria moving on, and Victoria grumbled that Billy was doing the same thing by sleeping with Chelsea.

Nikki thought that Victoria was upset, but Victoria contended that Billy's sex life was no longer her business. Nikki pointed out that Victoria might be about to have his baby, and Victoria revealed that she'd scheduled a paternity test for the next day, but she could reschedule if Nikki wanted her to be in court. Nikki encouraged her to have the test, and she asked what outcome Victoria was hoping for. Victoria said that Stitch really wanted the baby to be his, and he'd make a really good father, but she also felt that she could help Billy heal from Delia's death if she could give him a baby. Nikki wondered whether things were truly over for Billy and Victoria.

Victoria ranted about Billy's lies and cheating, and she pointed out that they both had feelings for other people. Nikki thought it sounded like Victoria was protesting too much, and she suspected that Victoria still cared about Billy. Victoria conceded that she would always love him, but they couldn't be together. Nikki contemplated what would happen if the test proved the baby was Billy's, but Victoria maintained that it wouldn't change anything.

At the Abbott mansion, Abby confronted Kelly about not telling anyone that Stitch was Kelly's brother. Abby theorized that Kelly had been afraid that Stitch would spill secrets about their past, and Kelly explained that she and Stitch hadn't always been close. Abby wondered what could paint Kelly in a worse light than being a home wrecker, and Traci walked in and reprimanded Abby. Kelly said she'd heard it all before, and Abby defended that she'd just been trying to get to know Jack's girlfriend better.

Billy guessed that Jack was upset because Summer was pregnant, and Jack couldn't imagine Summer with a baby after Austin was sent to prison. Billy stated that children needed both parents, and Jack was certain that Billy would play a role in his child's life if he was the father of Victoria's baby. Billy was concerned about the baby if Stitch turned out to be the father, since Stitch hadn't fought for his child to stay in the country. Jack suggested that perhaps Stitch hadn't been able to fight, and Billy wondered whether Jack knew why Stitch had lost custody of Max, but Kelly entered and chided Billy for continuing to pry into Stitch's life. Billy asserted that he'd just been trying to figure out what had Jack wound up.

Jack said that he cared too much about his family to remain silent, and a panicked Kelly questioned whether it was the time or place to discuss it. Summer inquired whether she had time to show Austin around before dinner, but Kelly reported that Traci had said dinner was ready, and everyone should go into the dining room. As the guests headed to dinner, Billy stopped Kelly and asked what was going on with Jack, and she claimed that Jack was disturbed by Summer's wedding to Austin. Billy commented that Summer had been struggling since Phyllis' accident, since it was hard to lose a parent unexpectedly, and Kelly looked stricken.

The Abbotts silently ate dinner, and Abby remarked that their family had never been that quiet. The guests made small talk about the food, and Abby asked what family dinners had been like for Kelly and Stitch in their youth. Jack turned the topic to getting to know more about his son-in-law, and Traci asked how Austin had gotten into television production. Austin revealed that his mom had bought him a camera for his tenth birthday to get him away from video games, and he'd turned it into something that could pay the rent. Abby assumed that Austin's career plans were on hold, unless his producers wanted to do a reality show about inmates.

Abby noted that she could have avoided a world of hurt if she'd listened to her family's warnings, and Austin swore that he loved Summer and that he wasn't out to hurt her. He added that he intended to work to provide for his family once he was released from prison, and Kelly commended him for being accountable for his actions. Abby cautioned that it would be tough to get hired with a record, and Summer suggested that Jack offer Austin a job at Jabot. Jack balked, but Austin said that he was more creative than corporate.

Billy said he hadn't envisioned a corporate job, either, but it had been good for him to have responsibility and structure with a baby on the way. Austin innocently asked if it was Billy's first child, and there was an awkward silence. Billy explained that he'd had two kids, but his daughter had died the previous October at age seven. A horrified Austin said that he'd had no idea, and Traci assured him that it was all right, but Billy contended that nothing had been all right since Delia had died, since everything had fallen apart after that night.

Austin thanked Traci for inviting him and Summer, and Traci welcomed him to the family. Summer expressed her appreciation to Kelly for sticking up for Austin, and she suggested that she and Austin walk home to his place. Jack was surprised that they weren't staying at the penthouse, but Summer explained that she didn't like being there when Phyllis wasn't. Jack expressed concern about Summer staying downtown, and Abby cattily remarked that she'd heard something about a shooting in the building. Summer swore that she would be fine, and Jack hugged her goodbye.

After the newlyweds left, Billy hoped that he hadn't killed the mood, but Jack grumbled that Billy had had help from Abby. Traci acknowledged that they'd all been through a rough year, but the dinner had been to remind them that they would always stick together. Abby said that it was nice to have family around, and she imagined that Kelly enjoyed having her brother in town. Kelly agreed that it was nice to have Stitch back in her life, and Abby pointed out that Stitch was also in Victoria's life, which was why Billy had moved on with a new woman.

Jack pulled Billy aside and said that Billy had every right to be happy, but Billy observed that Jack didn't seem happy. Billy mentioned that Kelly had said that Jack was stressed about Summer's marriage, and he noticed that Jack tensed up when he said Kelly's name. Jack said that they were still learning a lot about one another, and Billy advised him to be honest along the way, since breaking trust could ruin everything. Billy added that trust was hard to earn back, and Jack shook his hand and thanked him.

After Billy left, Kelly thanked Jack for not saying anything about Stitch, and Jack replied that he'd intended to, but he understood how much Kelly had been hurt. Jack added that Billy had said something to him about trust, and he didn't want her to regret opening up to him. She kissed him and said that she'd see him the next day, and she left. Traci and Abby entered, and Jack groused that Abby had badgered everyone out of there. Abby defended that Victoria was her sister, so she had a right to be interested in who Billy was with, but she couldn't imagine anyone would be better for Billy than Victoria.

Jack said that Billy was just trying to move on with his life, and Traci empathized that it wasn't always easy to do, since the prospect of getting back into the dating pool was daunting. Abby offered to be Traci's "wingwoman," and they laughed. Traci said that Jack deserved to be happy, and he replied that he felt happy and blessed. Abby asked if his relationship with Kelly was serious, and Jack declared that Kelly could be a part of his life for a long time.

Kelly called Stitch and said that she needed to see him. He surmised that Jack had asked more questions, and she informed him that she'd told Jack everything. Later, Kelly met Stitch, and he berated her for screwing up his life again. Kelly reminded him that she'd warned him that she wouldn't lie to Jack, and she insisted that she wasn't trying to tear Stitch's life apart. She added that Jack had had a chance to tell Billy, but he hadn't, and she suggested that they go on living their lives.

At Crimson Lights, Summer blasted Abby and Jack for making Austin feel uncomfortable, but Austin swore that it hadn't bothered him. Summer said that she didn't care what her family thought about them, and she was going to see her mom the next day. She wanted Austin to go with her, but he reminded her that he couldn't leave the state. He suggested that she ask her dad to join her, since she would need her family when Austin was gone. Summer didn't want to talk about him going to prison, and she whined that she would miss him. He promised to make the most of the time they had left together, starting with that moment. They kissed.

At the penthouse, Chelsea descended the stairs, looking forlornly at Adam's handkerchief. She flashed back to preparing to marry Adam, and she was surprised to find Kevin at her door, since she'd thought he was in St. Louis. Kevin explained that he'd gone straight there from the airport, and he announced that he knew who Stitch had been before he'd passed himself off as Ben Rayburn. He presented Chelsea with a Chesterfield High yearbook, and he displayed proof that Ben Russell was Stitch's real name. Chelsea wondered why Stitch would simply change his last name, and Kevin showed her something else he'd found. She cried out in shock.

Chelsea was stunned by Kevin's information, and she marveled that they'd already proven Stitch to be a liar, but she hadn't imagined anything that bad. Kevin asked what Billy had said about what they'd learned, and Chelsea reluctantly revealed that she hadn't told Billy anything. Kevin accused Chelsea of not saying anything out of fear that Billy and Victoria would reunite, leaving Chelsea alone. Chelsea insisted that she and Billy were just friends, but Kevin argued that if that were the case, Chelsea would have given Billy the ammunition to win back his wife. Kevin asked what had changed, and she glanced at the handkerchief and said that everything had changed, since she'd vowed to love Adam two years before.

Kevin realized that it was Chelsea's wedding anniversary, and she cried that finding her way back to Adam had been too good to be true. She admitted that she didn't want to be alone, and she explained that Billy had helped her to forget her loneliness. She grabbed the handkerchief and said that finding it had seemed like a sign that Adam was still watching over her, and Kevin remarked that a person didn't stop caring when a relationship ended. He added that he always wanted to protect Chloe, like Billy wanted to protect Victoria, and that was why Chelsea had to share the information with Billy. Kevin argued that Stitch was spending time with Johnny, and Billy needed to know that Stitch was dangerous.

Billy arrived at the penthouse, and he asked what Kevin was doing there. Kevin said that he had ignored Billy's advice to stop looking into Stitch's past, but Chelsea shuffled Kevin to the door. Kevin whispered that she couldn't keep it quiet, and Chelsea countered that she knew what she had to do. After Kevin departed, Billy asked if Kevin had found out something about Stitch.

Chelsea recalled that Billy hadn't wanted to know, and Billy reported that at dinner, Kelly and Jack had acted strangely whenever Abby had mentioned Kelly's family. Billy revealed that he'd stopped by to say goodnight, and Chelsea pointed out that he could have called, but he replied that he couldn't do some things over the phone. He kissed her.

Victor greeted Phyllis' doctor at the clinic in Georgia, and he mentioned that he'd reached out to Dr. Cutler about the experimental trial of a drug that reversed comas. Victor reported that there was space in the trial for Phyllis, and Dr. Cutler had agreed to include her, but Dr. Cutler needed her medical records in order to proceed. Phyllis' doctor exclaimed that Phyllis' family would be thrilled, but Victor warned that her family couldn't know anything about it.

Phyllis' doctor said that he needed the permission of the family to release Phyllis' records, but Victor implied that there was nothing unethical about simply consulting with another doctor. Victor offered to make a sizable endowment to the facility to buy new technology, and he handed the doctor a card with Dr. Cutler's contact information in Switzerland. The doctor departed, and Victor sat at Phyllis' bedside and mused, "Before you know it, we'll bring you back home."

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  • After Victoria says that she can’t trust Billy. Nikki asks if Victoria trusts Stitch.
  • Kevin tells Chelsea who Stitch was before he began passing himself off as Ben Rayburn.
  • In Phyllis’ patient room, a doctor tells Victor that Phyllis’ family will be thrilled. Victor insists that Phyllis’ family not be told anything.
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