Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Cane toasted Lily and the successful conclusion to the fashion show. She thanked Cane for the flowers, but when Cane said that the flowers were not from him, Lily pilled out the card and was disgusted when she found that the flowers were from Colin.

At the Chancellor mansion, Jill heard the tail end of Colin's phone conversation, as he said that he had been distracted but would soon have the "old lady's money." Jill was questioning Colin, and he was evasive, when Billy dropped by with Johnny. Billy did not warm to Colin's news that he and Jill had renewed their vows. Jill assured Billy that she was happy, so Billy gave grudging approval. Colin took Johnny so that Billy and Jill could talk.

Billy told Jill that he and Victoria had separated, and Billy had moved in with Jack. He told Jill that he had sold the restaurant and was working for Jabot. Jill said that she was proud, and Victoria would be, too. Jill was hopeful that Billy and Victoria would find their way back to each other. Billy was not so sure. As he left to take Johnny home, Billy warned Jill to be careful of Colin.

Jill focused on what Colin was hiding from her, but Cane and Lily interrupted. Lily was upset because Colin had sent flowers. She told him to stay away from her children. Colin apologized but said that he had thought that they had reached an understanding and that he had only wanted to congratulate her. He told Jill that the flowers were what had kept him on the phone.

Jill supported Colin and said that she, too, thought that they were all moving forward in an attempt to put the past behind them. Cane and Lily relented and agreed that Colin could see his grandchildren as long as he was not alone with them. After Cane and Lily left, Jill had advice for Colin. She told him that when he sent flowers to another woman, he should send them to his wife, as well, especially if he did not want her questioning him about his phone calls.

At the Athletic Club, Summer and Jack talked about how well the fashion show had turned out. Kelly walked up, and Jack complimented her on the terrific job she had done. Kelly and Jack traded jokes about food and their dinner date. Noah bumped into Caroline Forrester. They introduced themselves and discussed their family connections. Caroline next talked to Jack, and he introduced her to Summer.

Alone, Jack told Summer how proud he was of her and how glad he was that she was his daughter. After Jack left, Kelly gave Summer a box of chocolates as a thank you for Summer's hard work on the fashion show. Summer told Kelly about Phyllis and her work at Jabot. Summer told Kelly that Jack had been correct when he had said that the only thing that would have made the day better was for Phyllis to have been there. Kelly was thoughtful as she told Summer that Phyllis would have been proud of her.

Leslie went to see Avery to give her the bad news that Ian had been released due to a mistrial. Avery was not happy, but Leslie said that everyone was entitled to a good defense. Avery was stunned to find that Leslie had married Dr. Barton Shelby instead of Neil. Leslie said refusing to marry Neil and marrying Barton was no different that Avery leaving Nick at the altar for Dylan. Leslie thought that Avery's cooking show would be unprofessional and hurt their business. Avery disagreed.

Ian went to see Dylan at Crimson Lights to tell him that he had returned to Genoa City for good. Dylan could not believe that Ian was out of jail after he had hurt both Summer and Nikki. Ian said that Summer had visited him in jail and said that Ian had helped her. Ian added that he had taken the money from Nikki in an attempt to give Nikki closure.

Dylan accused Ian of sending Willa to extort money. Ian denied it. He told Dylan that he had information that would change things for both Dylan and Nikki. Dylan got hot, but Ian said that he did not want to trigger Dylan's PTSD, he only wanted to set things right. Ian offered Dylan tips on anger management. Avery interrupted, and Ian called Avery a calming influence, but she was no more welcoming than Dylan as they sent Ian on his way. Avery told Dylan that he had handled it well. Dylan questioned why Ian was back and what Ian was up to.

Noah bumped into Caroline again in Crimson Lights while she was there getting a snack and tweeting. Courtney walked up as Caroline left; Courtney asked what was going on. Noah said that he had to have known Caroline in another life. Noah asked Courtney to attend a family gathering, but she was reluctant because she thought that Noah's family would disapprove of her profession. Noah assured her that his happiness was all that mattered to his family, and Courtney made him happy.

Summer stopped by and told Noah and Courtney about the show. She said it had been great, but both she and Jack had missed her mom, and she wished Phyllis would wake up soon.

Jack was home at the Abbott house when Billy arrived there with Johnny. They discussed the success of the fashion show. Billy said that he had stopped by Jill's and put on a brave face, but it was hard, since Victoria seemed to be moving on. Jack said that he had seen Victoria with Stitch, and perhaps Billy was correct about Victoria's mindset. Billy said that the news just kept getting better and better.

After Johnny was put to bed, Jack and Billy talked about Victoria and Stitch. Billy told Jack that he had seen Victoria with Stitch the previous evening. Jack advised Billy to fight for the woman he loved. Billy said that Jack was right, and Billy could not give up. When the doorbell rang, Billy answered it to Kelly. He demanded to know what she was doing there.

Kelly returned Jack's tablet and phone, which he had left at the Athletic Club. Jack thanked her and mentioned their upcoming date, but after seeing a photo of Jack and Phyllis and learning that Billy was staying with Jack, Kelly declined to see Jack socially. She told him that she did not want to give Victoria any excuse to refuse a reconciliation with Billy as she hastily exited the Abbott home.

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