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In the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy saw an incoming call from Luke as Lulu entered the parlor. Lulu noticed the expression on Tracy's face, so she asked who was calling. Lulu snatched the phone out of Tracy's hand when Tracy revealed that it appeared to be Luke. Lulu began to speak to her father, but Jerry calmly cut her off to inform her that Luke was not available. Furious, Lulu began to threaten Jerry if her father was harmed, but Jerry patiently ordered Lulu to put Tracy on the phone.

Ned appeared in the room as Lulu returned the phone to Tracy. Jerry quickly explained to Tracy that Luke would be a dead man if Tracy failed to meet Jerry's demands. Tracy revealed that she had been able to secure Alice's shares of ELQ, which totaled fifteen-and-a-half percent of ELQ's shares with Tracy's nine percent. Ned was outraged when he heard Tracy mention Alice's shares of ELQ because he was still furious that Tracy had manipulated Alice when Alice had been in need of a heart transplant. Tracy insisted that Alice had willingly signed the shares over to save Luke.

Jerry patiently listened to Tracy and Ned squabble then demanded to speak to Ned. Tracy handed the phone to her son, who immediately demanded to know what Jerry wanted. Jerry appreciated that Ned wasn't interested in saving Luke, but he was curious if Ned would have a change of heart if Jerry abducted Brook Lynn. Ned growled for Jerry to stay away from Ned's daughter then warned Jerry that Ned had hired ex-World Security Bureau agents to protect Brook Lynn.

Ned made it clear that he wanted Jerry to stay out of ELQ, so Jerry began to taunt Ned about rekindling things with Monica. Jerry suggested that Ned expand his horizons by giving Jerry a try. Jerry promised to be gentle, but Ned was disgusted and handed the phone back to his mother. Tracy asked if she and Jerry had a deal, so Jerry agreed to accept the shares in exchange for Luke's freedom. Tracy wondered how to get the shares to Jerry.

As if on cue, a beautiful blonde woman with a European accent entered the room. "Easy," she answered, "give them to me." Ned, Tracy, and Lulu stared at the woman in disbelief, but Tracy was the first to recover by demanding to know how the woman had gotten into Tracy's home. Ned reminded Tracy that Tracy didn't live there, which surprised Lulu. Meanwhile, Jerry informed Tracy that the mystery woman was Hadley, who had been sent to collect the shares.

Tracy questioned if she could trust Jerry to hold up his end of the bargain, but Jerry explained that she would just have to take his word as a gentleman that everything would go as planned.

Later, Ned was livid that Tracy had given in to Jerry's demands. Lulu reluctantly agreed that Jerry could not be trusted, but Tracy was unapologetic. Moments later, Jerry called to confirm that he had authenticated the shares that Tracy had signed over. Tracy demanded to know where Luke was, so Jerry told her that Luke was merely a few steps away on the terrace. Ned, Tracy, and Lulu ran to the terrace but stopped short in the doorway. "Oh, my God," Tracy said in shock.

At the hospital, Franco left Mr. Beach a voicemail message, asking where Heather was. Franco demanded that Mr. Beach return the call because Franco needed to know that Heather was safely tucked away. After Franco ended the call, he muttered that all of his plans for Carly would be "shot to hell" without Heather.

In Liesl's office, Madeline searched her sister's desk and credenza for liquor, but Nina reminded her mother that it wasn't the 50s when people kept alcohol in their office. Nina ordered Madeline to focus because they needed to find out where Ava was. Nina pointed out that Rosalie, the "traitor," had the answer they needed, so Madeline promised that she had made some inquiries about the nurse. Nina was not satisfied because Ava was ready to "pop." Nina was eager to get her hands on the baby that Madeline and Ava had stolen from her.

Madeline assured Nina that everything was under control, so Nina warned Madeline not to let anyone know that they were working together. Madeline agreed then started to leave but stopped when she opened the door because Franco stood in the doorway. Madeline glared at Franco as Nina happily greeted him then introduced him to her mother. Franco smiled politely but made a point of mentioning his infamous past and the brain tumor that had absolved him of the horrific crimes. Madeline barely uttered a word, so Nina pointedly reminded her mother of Madeline's "appointment."

After Madeline left, Franco confessed that he finally knew where Nina had gotten her brains, beauty, and winning personality -- her father. Nina smiled but asked Franco not to let anyone know that he had seen her because Silas was on the warpath after she and Silas had had a falling out. Concerned, Franco wondered what Silas had done to Nina, but she confessed that it had been her own fault.

Nina told Franco about her lies, but Franco was unfazed. Nina was grateful, so Franco admitted that it would be hypocritical of him to say anything when he had his own deep dark secrets. Nina was curious what Franco had up his sleeve for the wedding, but Franco refused to tell her because he didn't want to risk Nina being charged as an accessory. "Is it that bad?" Nina asked. Franco reminded Nina that he had been lied to, cheated on, and made a fool of. He wondered what Nina would do in his shoes.

"Something magnificent," Nina answered with a big grin. Franco promised that Carly's punishment would be commensurate with her crimes, so Nina agreed to stop asking questions. However, she suggested that they get together soon to compare notes because she also had plans for revenge. Franco and Nina talked about the lack of trustworthy people around them and agreed that they could only confide to each other about the sins they intended to commit.

Franco handed Nina an invitation to his wedding, but she confessed that she couldn't attend because she would be busy the following day with her own special plans. Franco smiled at the idea that both he and Nina would be cutting a swath of destruction through town the following day.

At Kelly's, Michael left Sam a voicemail message, asking her to return his call because he needed her help tracking down Ava Jerome. Rosalie entered the diner as Michael ended the call, so she approached his table. After they exchanged greetings, Michael invited Rosalie to join him. Michael opened up to Rosalie about his recent discovery that Ava Jerome might have been responsible for A.J.'s shooting but he couldn't find Ava to question her about it. Rosalie was curious if Michael had asked Kiki, so Michael admitted that Kiki hadn't heard from her mother since Ava had gone into hiding.

Rosalie appeared skeptical, but Michael insisted that he trusted Kiki. Rosalie was curious if Michael thought he could get the truth from Ava, so Michael explained that he had to try because he would always have lingering questions if he couldn't look Ava in the eye. Michael revealed that his biological father, A.J. had lived his life for Michael, so Michael owed it to his father to learn the truth about his murder. Michael confessed that he also needed answers to have a measure of peace. Moved by what Michael had said, Rosalie revealed that she had something to tell him.

However, Madeline walked up to greet Rosalie and asked for a minute of Rosalie's time. Offended, Michael pointed out that he and Rosalie had been in the middle of a conversation. Madeline insisted that it was important that she talk to Rosalie because Nina was desperate to get Rosalie back. Rosalie picked up on the underlying threat, so she promised to catch up with Michael later. Michael asked Rosalie to let him know if she heard anything about Ava's whereabouts and then left.

Madeline sat in Michael's vacated seat as she confessed that she was looking for Ava too. Rosalie explained that she didn't want trouble, but she was not comfortable telling Madeline where Ava was because Nina wanted to steal Ava's baby. Rosalie was concerned about Nina's mental stability, but Madeline threatened to reveal Rosalie's secret if Rosalie refused to cooperate.

A short time later, Madeline returned to Liesl's office as Franco left. Nina was curious why Madeline had been rude to Franco, so Madeline freely admitted that she did not like Franco. Madeline thought that Nina would be wise to steer clear of him, but Nina suggested that Madeline "chill out." Nina wondered if Madeline had any information about Ava, so Madeline revealed that she knew where Ava was.

At the brownstone, Kiki placed a cool cloth on Ava's forehead then asked how Ava felt. Ava confessed that she felt better and that Silas was cautiously optimistic that the shots had stopped the labor. Ava reminded her daughter that the longer Ava remained pregnant, the longer Ava would live because Sonny wouldn't kill Ava until after the baby was born. Kiki didn't want to talk about Sonny, but Ava insisted that they couldn't ignore the threat because Sonny would eventually stop looking in the wrong places for Ava.

Kiki admitted that Sonny wasn't the only person looking for Ava. Ava tensed when Kiki explained that Sabrina had told Michael about Carlos' coerced confession. Kiki revealed that Michael suspected that Ava had shot A.J., but Ava reminded her daughter that Sonny had pulled the trigger. Kiki questioned Ava about the allegations that Ava had threatened Sabrina. Ava conceded that she had made the threats to force Carlos to confess, but they had been empty words because Ava would have never targeted or hurt a pregnant woman.

Ava suddenly realized why Sabrina had been cold toward Ava at the hospital during Ava's premature labor scare. Kiki couldn't blame Sabrina for not being pleasant to Ava under the circumstances, but Ava was certain that Sabrina had intentionally given Ava the pills to induce Ava's labor. Ava insisted that she hadn't been responsible for the accident or A.J.'s murder. Kiki promised that she believed Ava, but Kiki doubted that Michael would.

Kiki warned Ava that Michael would not stop looking for Ava until he found her. Ava was grateful that she had Morgan, Kiki, and Silas in her corner, but she hoped that Rosalie kept quiet. Kiki was confident that Ava was safe because Ava had put the fear of God into Rosalie. Kiki couldn't imagine anyone more intimidating than Ava. Moments later, Ava was forced to duck out of sight when someone knocked on the door. It was Rosalie.

At the hospital, Carly entered Franco's art room as she called out to Franco. She was startled when she saw a patient in a wheelchair, so she apologized for barging in during his session but she had been looking for her fiancé. Carly studied the patient closely then asked if they had met before. Jason confessed that he had no idea because he had amnesia so he hoped that she did recognize him because he was eager to find out who he was. However, he warned her that he didn't look like he once had because he had undergone facial reconstruction surgery following an accident.

Carly was shocked and admitted that she would have been terrified if their situations had been reversed. However, she quickly apologized when she realized how insensitive that had sounded. Jason changed the subject by introducing himself as Jake then quickly added that he had picked the name because it had sounded right to him. Carly introduced herself but stopped short when she suddenly realized that she had no idea what her last name would be the following day when she married Franco because her fiancé only went by one name. Jason confessed that he had heard about Franco, but it hadn't been good.

Carly quickly realized that "Jake" had been talking to Elizabeth because Elizabeth hated Franco. Carly conceded that Elizabeth had her reasons, but Carly insisted that Elizabeth was far from objective. Carly became defensive about Franco then began to talk about Jason because she was certain that Jason would have forced her to call off the wedding if he could. As Carly talked about Jason, she mentioned that Elizabeth had carried a torch for Jason for a long time and likely still did.

"Jake" admitted that he and Elizabeth hadn't talked about that aspect of Elizabeth's relationship with Jason but he was aware that it was the two-year anniversary of Jason's passing. Carly became teary-eyed as she admitted that she missed her best friend because Jason had always fixed her problems and had never judged her. She reiterated that Jason would have hated that she was marrying Franco, but "Jake" wondered if it would really matter to Carly if Jason had objected to the marriage.

"Jake" thought that Carly should marry Franco if she could see herself with Franco for the rest of her life. Otherwise, she should walk away. Carly smiled because it had sounded like something Jason would said. Carly suddenly blurted out that it wasn't as simple as walking away from Franco because marrying Franco protected both her son and her ex-husband. Carly added that she'd had a brief affair with her ex-husband, but things were definitely over.

Carly suddenly realized how much of her personal life she had revealed to someone she had just met. "Jake" assured her that he wouldn't tell anyone, but Carly wanted him to promise not to breathe a word of what she had told him to Elizabeth because Elizabeth might be tempted to stop the wedding, thinking she was saving Carly from herself. "Jake" assured Carly that he wouldn't tell Elizabeth then added that what happened between Carly and her ex-husband was Carly's business. "Mine too," Franco added as he stood smiling in the doorway.

At the Quartermaine crypt, Sonny was startled when he saw Connie standing in the doorway. Connie entered the crypt as she asked what Sonny was doing there because she didn't recall Sonny being a Quartermaine. Sonny explained that he would always be connected to the Quartermaines because of Michael. "And A.J.?" Connie asked.

Connie knew that Sonny was really in the crypt because he couldn't stop thinking how he had taken Michael's other father away from Michael. Sonny didn't deny it but added that if he had to do it over again, he likely would have done the same thing. Sonny justified shooting A.J. by insisting that A.J. had been a curse to everyone Sonny had loved and that Sonny had had every reason to believe that A.J. had killed Connie. Sonny became choked up as he reminded her that he had held her in his arms as she had taken her last breath.

Sonny insisted that he hadn't been able to let Connie's death go, but she disagreed because Sonny had refrained from killing A.J. for months after she had died. Sonny claimed that he had snapped when A.J. had kept denying killing Connie because Sonny knew it had been a lie. Connie reminded Sonny that A.J. had been an innocent man, but Sonny disagreed because of the things that A.J. had done throughout A.J.'s life.

Connie realized that Sonny still intended to carry out his threat to kill Ava. Sonny explained that Ava deserved it because Ava had to pay for killing Connie. Connie reminded Sonny that the baby was innocent and was Sonny's flesh and blood, regardless of who the father was, so Sonny assured Connie that he would wait until the baby was born. However, he planned to kill Franco the following day because Sonny needed to protect Michael from finding out the truth about A.J.'s murder. Connie knew the truth was that Sonny hoped that Franco's death would pave the way for Sonny to reconcile with Carly.

Sonny admitted that he wasn't comfortable discussing Carly with Connie, but Connie wasn't blind to Sonny's love for Carly. Connie assured Sonny that it was okay because Connie wanted him to be happy. However, she urged Sonny that it was time to put the demons to rest. She was curious what Sonny wanted and how far he was willing to go to get it. Sonny confessed that he loved Carly and would stop at nothing to get her.

Connie warned Sonny to be careful because his plans could ruin everything. Sonny was confident that everything would work out once both Franco and Ava were out of the way. "Dad?" Michael suddenly asked from the doorway.

. . .

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  • Carly tells Franco that she knows what Franco has planned
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