Thursday, April 17, 2014

At Wyndemere, Nikolas entered the parlor as Spencer berated Gordon, the head of Spoon Island's security detail, for failing to put a security camera in the stables. Nikolas was furious with the way that Spencer had spoken to a member of the staff and scolded Spencer by explaining that Spencer's behavior was completely unacceptable. Nikolas apologized to Gordon and then sent the man on his way.

Afterwards, Nikolas wanted to know why Spencer would talk to Gordon like that. Spencer insisted that Gordon had dropped the ball and then demanded to know what they were paying the man for. Nikolas quickly clarified that Nikolas, not Spencer, paid the bills, so Nikolas made it clear that Spencer was to apologize to Gordon after dinner. Spencer reluctantly agreed but argued that it wouldn't solve the problem because Uncle Luke was still out to get Uncle Sonny. Nikolas was certain that Spencer had misunderstood the conversation in the stables because Luke and Sonny had been friends for years.

Nikolas then shifted gears to announce that they were expecting guests. Spencer's face lit up as he asked if Uncle Victor had returned. Nikolas shook his head. Spencer dashed to the foyer when the front door opened, but Spencer stopped short and scowled when he saw Cameron. Nikolas explained that Elizabeth and the boys would be staying until she had recuperated from a gunshot wound.

Nikolas was not pleased by Spencer's frosty greeting, so Cam extended the olive branch by conceding that Cam had hoped that he and Spencer could have fun during Cam's stay. "Over my dead body," Spencer quietly grumbled and then stormed off. Frustrated, Nikolas ordered Spencer to apologize to Cam, but Spencer argued that Cam had stolen Emma. Nikolas and Elizabeth agreed that their sons and Emma were too young for a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, so they expected the children to put a stop to it.

Nikolas pulled Spencer aside to find out what was really troubling his son because Elizabeth and the boys were like family. He didn't approve of Spencer's behavior and suspected that it stemmed from Spencer's sense of entitlement. Nikolas insisted that it was wrong to be rude and order people around, so Nikolas warned Spencer that there would be consequences if Spencer didn't treat everyone with kindness and courtesy. According to Nikolas, it was both Spencer's obligation and duty.

Nikolas pointed out that Spencer had a lot, but Nikolas wouldn't hesitate to take those things away if Spencer's attitude didn't change. Spencer's shoulders slumped as he agreed to behave, so Nikolas suggested that Spencer share Spencer's Easter candy, including Spencer's favorite cream-filled eggs, with Cam. Spencer reluctantly agreed and left with Cam, muttering that it had been more fun when Britt had been around. Elizabeth felt bad because she suspected that Spencer missed Britt as much as Nikolas did.

Nikolas assured Elizabeth that he didn't want anything to do with Britt and that it made him crazy just thinking about how Britt had lied. Elizabeth pointed out that Nikolas wouldn't feel as hurt if he hadn't loved Britt and that it had been clear to her that Britt still loved Nikolas. Nikolas was curious when Elizabeth had started to care about Britt's feelings, so Elizabeth assured him that she didn't, but Elizabeth seemed to always get caught in Britt's crosshairs. She told him about her encounter with Britt at the hospital when Britt had accused Elizabeth of swooping in on Nikolas and then quickly added that Elizabeth wasn't there for romantic reasons.

Nikolas promised that he believed Elizabeth and that he hadn't invited her to stay with him for any other reason than to provide her with a comfortable place to recuperate. She quietly confessed that she was embarrassed that she had opened up to him about her feelings for him, but he insisted that she didn't have any reason to feel that way. Elizabeth conceded that perhaps Nikolas had been right to insist that they remain just friends, but Nikolas suggested that they not discuss it because they both appeared to be "over-thinking" things.

Meanwhile, Spencer handed Cam some Easter candy but would only give Cam one cream-filled egg because they were Spencer's favorite. Cam thanked Spencer, but Spencer warned Cam that Spencer hadn't given up on Emma. "You could have fooled me," Cam replied, so Spencer explained that Spencer had had other things on his mind.

Later, Spencer spied on Nikolas and Elizabeth as Nikolas led Elizabeth to the "Italian suite." After the adults disappeared, Spencer called his uncle, Sonny.

Outside of the police station, Ava left Diane a voicemail message demanding to know why Diane hadn't returned any of Ava's other phone calls. Ava reminded Diane that Diane was on retainer and then ordered Diane to get to the police station to remind Carlos not to talk to the police. Ava ended the call and prepared to enter the police station when her phone rang. She quickly answered it but was stunned when she realized that it was Sonny. Ava admitted that Sonny didn't sound well, so Sonny confessed that he needed to talk to Ava.

Inside the interrogation room, Anna and Dante decided to review Carlos' options with Carlos. Anna suggested that they skip the theatrics and then asked what Carlos knew about A.J.'s murder. Carlos' lips remained sealed, so Anna pointed out that the gun dealer had tied Carlos to the gun that had been recovered at the Quartermaine mansion. Anna was certain that it hadn't been a personal vendetta against A.J., so she suspected that the Jeromes were behind the incident. Carlos merely smiled and insisted on waiting for his attorney to arrive.

Dante and Anna pointed out that Diane was unlikely to show because the Jeromes had abandoned Carlos. Anna advised Carlos to help himself by cooperating with the police, but Carlos denied making an attempt on A.J.'s life and then added that the gun had been stolen out of his car months earlier. Carlos made it clear that he wouldn't say anything else without an attorney.

Frustrated, Anna collected everything off of the table and then walked out of the interrogation room with Dante trailing behind her. Dante suggested that they try voice identification, since Luke and Tracy had heard he intruder speak, but Anna had a better idea. She held up the water bottle that Carlos had been drinking from and revealed that they had recovered a drop of blood from the vase that Tracy had used to bash the intruder over the head with. Anna hoped to link Carlos to the attack at the Quartermaine mansion through a DNA match.

Anna then changed the subject to ask Dante about his meeting with Liesl. Dante filled Anna in about Liesl's request for the charges to be dropped in exchange for Dante and Lulu's last frozen embryo. Anna promised to back up whatever Dante decided.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny stared at a picture of him and Olivia as he recalled his argument with Olivia when he had lashed out and accused her of acting like his mother.

A short time later, Ava arrived. She was concerned that Carly might have caused problems, but Sonny assured Ava that Carly wouldn't say anything and then added that he had called Ava for another reason. Sonny opened up to Ava about his argument with Olivia and how A.J. had been haunting him. Sonny trusted Olivia not to say anything if he confided to her, but he didn't want to burden Olivia with the truth, so he felt that he didn't have anyone except Ava to talk to.

Ava suggested that Sonny could talk to Carly, but he disagreed because Carly had been upset that he had killed A.J. Ava thought that it was the height of hypocrisy for Carly to be mad about Sonny shooting A.J. when Carly had likely gone home to pop open a bottle of champagne and then dance with joy when she had heard the news that A.J. had died. Sonny didn't disagree, but he feared that Carly might change her mind about keeping Sonny's secret if Carly thought that he was losing his mind.

Ava realized that she was the only person that Sonny could turn to, so Sonny opened up about how he saw A.J. everywhere and that A.J. constantly taunted Sonny until Sonny contemplated doing things that Sonny wouldn't normally do. Ava was curious what Sonny was referring to, so he revealed that he was tempted to confess to his crime. Ava urged Sonny to remain strong and silent because the police weren't even looking in his direction. She revealed that Carlos had been arrested, but Sonny was curious why Carlos would break into the Quartermaine mansion.

Ava claimed that she had no idea because Carlos answered to Julian, not to Ava. Sonny pointed out that it didn't matter who they arrested because both Sonny and Ava knew that Sonny had been the one who had pulled the trigger.

Later, Ava confessed that she wished that she could say something that would ease Sonny's pain because he had killed A.J. to protect her. She assured Sonny that if she could find a way to make A.J.'s specter vanish from Sonny's mind then she would. Sonny admitted that A.J. wasn't there at the moment, so Ava wondered if perhaps it was because she was there. Sonny conceded that she was the only person who knew exactly what had happened on that fateful night.

Meanwhile, Sonny was unaware that Spencer had called Sonny's phone. Spencer left Sonny a voicemail message imploring Sonny to return the call on an urgent matter of life or death.

At ELQ, Luke accused Tracy of not trusting him and insisted that he couldn't marry her without trust. Tracy insisted that there was a simple solution, so Luke agreed and then explained that the answer was not to get married. Tracy laughed until she realized that Luke hadn't been joking. She immediately chased after him to confront him in the office about walking away from her.

Luke manipulated Tracy by conceding that she had a right not to trust him because of their history and then stunned her by asking for the engagement ring. He explained that he intended to cash it in, since apparently that was all he was interested in. Tracy clarified that she hadn't called him a gold-digger, but Luke continued to work Tracy by warning her that they couldn't have a future together if she intended to hold his past against him.

Tracy was hurt that Luke would rather walk away from her, but Luke assured her that he would prefer to marry her. However, he felt as if she had forced his hand because she had refused to tell Ned that she wouldn't force Luke to sign a prenuptial agreement. Tracy's eyes narrowed with suspicion as she asked if Luke intended to end their relationship over the issue. Luke assured her that they would always be friends, but Tracy refused to accept that. She insisted that she loved Luke and that she trusted him, so the prenuptial agreement wasn't needed.

Luke was delighted and happily hugged Tracy. He vowed that he would spend the rest of his life, proving that she had made the right choice. Tracy smiled and then announced that she had decided to track Ned down to make certain that Ned put a stop to all of the "nonsense." Luke smiled as he watched Tracy leave.

In the hallway, Tracy stopped to talk to Edward's portrait. She assured her father that Luke had changed and that she trusted Luke with both her life and the family's money.

Meanwhile, Luke kicked back in a chair, propped his feet on the desk, and then sniffed a cigar. "Sucker," Luke muttered with a grin as he lit the cigar.

Across town, Nathan stood in the hallway outside of his apartment to leave a voicemail message for Britt, requesting that she return his call as soon as possible because it was important. Moments later, Nathan entered the apartment and saw Maxie waiting. Maxie explained that they needed to talk and then announced that she wanted Nathan to move out. Shocked, Nathan reminded Maxie that he had paid up until the first of the month, so he had two weeks left on his lease. Maxie argued that Nathan's toxic vibes jeopardized her newly healed energy.

Maxie began to ramble about living a better life and using environmentally friendly products, even though the shampoos had left her with flat hair. Nathan smiled and assured her that her hair looked nice, so Maxie thanked him but made it clear that she refused to be distracted from her mission. Nathan suspected that Levi had been behind Maxie's decision to throw Nathan out, so Levi stepped forward. Nathan accused Levi of eavesdropping and cajoling Maxie into asking Nathan to leave.

Levi conceded that he had suggested that Maxie evict Nathan because she couldn't continue on her path of healing with Nathan's negativity and anger influencing her. Nathan pointed out that Maxie could speak for herself, so Levi suggested that Nathan ask to stay with Britt with whom Nathan might get lucky. Disgusted, Nathan revealed that he had just found out that Britt was his sister and that Liesl was his mother.

Stunned, Maxie felt bad for Nathan and conceded that it was a lot for anyone to take in. Levi was not pleased when Maxie told Nathan that Nathan could stay. Levi pointed out that it would create an unhealthy environment, but Maxie insisted that she couldn't afford to lose a paying tenant, since neither Levi nor she had a job. She happily suggested that they use the opportunity to guide Nathan in a more positive direction, so Nathan smiled and then announced that he was headed to the bathroom for a nice long, hot shower to wash away to toxic vibes.

At the loft, Lulu was on the phone with her mother as they talked about Rocco. Laura sensed that something was troubling her daughter, but Lulu explained that it was a long story and would have to wait because someone was at the door. Someone knocked as Lulu wrapped up the call with a promise that Dante, Rocco, and Lulu would visit Laura soon.

At the door, Lulu's smile disappeared when she saw Britt standing on the doorstep. Britt explained that the pharmacy had notified Britt that Ben's allergy cream was ready, so Britt had picked it up for Lulu. Lulu took the cream and then suggested that Britt simply refer people to Dante or Lulu next time. Lulu started to close the door, but Britt stopped her to ask about Ben. Lulu clarified that the baby's name was Rocco and that Lulu had just put Rocco to sleep.

However, Lulu decided to seize the opportunity to talk to Britt about Liesl's claim to have Dante and Lulu's last frozen embryo. Britt was shocked and denied any knowledge of Liesl having the embryo, but Lulu was skeptical because of Britt's history of lying. Lulu questioned Britt about the procedure when Liesl had told Britt that the frozen embryo hadn't been viable. Britt conceded that she hadn't recalled her mother disposing of the embryo, which indicated that Liesl had told the truth about having the third frozen embryo.

Lulu explained that Liesl had requested that all of the charges against Liesl and Britt be dropped in exchange for the frozen embryo. Britt was shocked and promised that she hadn't had any idea that her mother had done that. Lulu admitted that it was an impossible request because even if Dante and Lulu could persuade Scott not to press charges, Lulu couldn't imagine Elizabeth agreeing to drop the charges for being kidnapped and shot. Britt suggested that Lulu might find Elizabeth in a "rare" good mood because Elizabeth had moved in with Nikolas.

Lulu refused to feel sorry for Britt and pointed out that Britt only had herself to blame if Nikolas and Elizabeth were together. Britt realized that it had been a mistake to talk to Lulu about Elizabeth because Lulu was on Elizabeth's side. Lulu reminded Britt that Elizabeth had been the one who had told Lulu the truth about Rocco. Britt apologized and assured Lulu that if it had been up to Britt, Britt would not have put Lulu through that kind of pain again. Lulu scoffed, so Britt changed the subject by admitting that Liesl didn't make idle threats, so if Liesl claimed to have the frozen embryo then it was true.

. . .

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